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Steady cash flow is essential for maintaining high quality patient care. Busy medical providers don’t always have the time or resources to devote to collections, especially when having to pursue payment across borders. HF Holdings helps healthcare providors recover more at every stage of the revenue cycle:

  • Collections offices local to your patients
  • We will customize our debt collection approach to maximize recovery and patient retention.
  • Early out services, self-pay services, and receivables management services
  • Experienced creditor’s rights attorneys in your patients’ jurisdiction

Our cutting-edge technology and team of experienced medical debt collectors, combined with our patient-first approach, reduces costs and maximizes revenue, all while delivering a positive payment experience.

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Our Medical Client’s Common Challenges…


Everybody needs medical care at some point. When treatment isn’t paid for at the time services are rendered, medical providers may have difficulty recovering the costs of providing excellent care to their patients. The usual challenges of settling past-due accounts become more difficult when patients are from a different state or country, where unfamiliar customs and varying laws can make collection difficult.


Medical bills are often sudden and unexpected, hitting people at low points in their lives. Aggressive, impersonal collections tactics can alienate your patients and complicate recovery efforts. At HF Holdings, we believe a human approach gets better results—and patients agree! By treating every person with dignity and respect, we build a relationship of trust, making it more likely that patients will pay when they have the means. Our skilled medical bill collectors understand the ins and outs of complex medical billing processes. We guide your patients along their journey to payment by educating them about their bills, removing potential insurance obstacles, and providing options for easy payment.


On the simplest level, language barriers and time zone differences can make pursuing payment impractical for medical offices and hospitals attempting first party collections. HF Holdings is not only licensed to collect anywhere in the United States, but we also have access to a network of nationally licensed debt collectors in over 150 countries. As an ACA International and TCM Group partner, we adhere to the highest ethical, professional and customer service standards in the industry, including HIPAA and FDCPA requirements.

Why Use HF Holdings for Medical Debt Collections?

We are in the communication business. We know how to best to communicate the interests of our clients and ease the stress that comes with waiting for outstanding payments. Since our foundation in 2012, we have helped countless medical offices successfully recover unpaid debts and maintain working relationships with their patients. At HF Holdings, we understand that early & prompt action is critical to successful debt recovery. Given that the likelihood of collecting debt significantly decreases after 120 days, HF Holdings works with our clients tirelessly to collect debts within the first three months after the first missed payment. Our experienced team and proven recovery methods allow our clients to focus on their business, knowing that their debt collection needs are in our capable hands.

We understand the importance of retaining strong relationships with your vendors and patients. HF Holdings can tailor our approach to ensure the relationship with your patients is maintained by approaching each medical collections account with the utmost respect and care.

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As a nationwide commercial collection agency, we provide our clients 24/7 access to our Client Portal so you can track your claims at any time.

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